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Summer 2016's statement accessory

Nicole Couch

Remember back in the 90's when choker necklaces used to be the Cool thing to wear?? Well, worry no more because your favorite accessory from back then is now back and more popular than ever! 

These accessories were seen on every runway show, from New York to London, Milan and even Paris, choker accessories have even made their way into couture fashion. When these first came out in the 90's there was really only one basic style, the back elastic material that everyone had. 

John Galliano for Christian Dior

John Galliano for Christian Dior

Now, these chokers have evolved into an accessory that in some cases looks like an upscale art form. Made out of different fabrics and materials along with beadings, bows, and even flowers, what used to be a simple plain accessory has evolved into something that we have never seen before! Still love the originals?? Don't worry, they're around too. 

                   Cara Delevingne, Milan Fashion Week 

                   Cara Delevingne, Milan Fashion Week