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Cities to launch your career

Nicole Couch

As an upcoming senior at Mercyhurst University, I've spent a lot of time figuring out where my place should be post-graduation. With my major being Fashion Merchandising, one of the most popular places to move would be New York City. There are incredible job opportunities there, and it is one of the major fashion capitals! However, I came across a recent article that researched the best cities for graduates to launch their career. 


1. Salt Lake City, Utah 

According to an article produced by Rachel Gillett in INSIDER, Salt Lake City in Utah is the #1 city for post-graduates to move to. It is overall ranked first in its opportunities, quality of life, and affordability. 

Photo by David Crowther/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by David Crowther/iStock / Getty Images

2. Denver, Colorado 

This same article revealed that Denver, Colorado was the second best place to start a career. It falls closely behind and ranks in 3 points in their professional opportunities. And for ever 100,000 residents Colorado has almost 130 entry-level jobs. 

Photo by arinahabich/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by arinahabich/iStock / Getty Images

3. Austin, Texas 

Finally, INSIDER came to the conclusion that Austin, Texas is the third best post-grad career locations. Their quality of life came to a 7 and have about 20 less entry-jobs available than Colorado. 

Photo by rbstevens/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by rbstevens/iStock / Getty Images

What do you think about these locations? Do they surprise you at all? Can your career land you in one of these cities?