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10 Packing Hacks

CHC Blog

10 Packing Hacks

Nicole Couch

Going on vacation? Traveling for work?

Packing can be exhausting...

Here are some useful hacks to make the packing a little easier.



1. Roll don't fold

Not only does this method save crucial space but it also makes your clothes less likely to show wrinkles or creases.



2. Contain the cords

Aren't tangled cords the WORST? Make use of old glasses cases or other similar containers to keep your cords separated.



3. Button up

When living out of a suitcase, its sometimes hard to keep track of tiny pieces of jewelry. Use buttons to secure earrings and make them easier to find when you want them.



4.  Care for your haircare products

This neat hack uses an old Tic Tac container to store all the bobby pins you haven't lost yet.



5. Razor Sharp

Don't accidentally cut yourself digging around in your luggage. If your razor doesn't have a cap make sure to cover it up before throwing it in your bag - perhaps with a binder clip!



6. Cap it simple

One of the ultimate packing struggles is packing shoes and clothes in one case without getting the clothes dirty. Hack this problem by placing a shower cap that can be washed off around the soles of your shoes - and voila!



7. Categorize and Classify

This is a clever packing hack to stay organized and fashion-forward while on a busy schedule. Organize outfits into bags for each day of the week. This can also help you stay on track and not over-pack.



8. Right in front of your eyes

To keep your valuables safe, think of places that are least likely to be checked! Sometimes these items are the ones that are out in the open.



9. Conceal it

Instead of bringing full bottles of products along in your suitcase, opt for smaller containers - AKA contact cases.



10. No spills, No worries

If you do decide to bring bottles of products in your suitcase, make sure to wrap under the caps to avoid any spills or leaks.



We hope you enjoyed these Packing Hacks!

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