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Passion for Fashion : 70's Edition

Nicole Couch

In my honest opinion, the 70's had the best fashion trends. Some of my favorite trends are platforms, high waisted jeans, bell bottoms, corduroy and peasant tops.


These 70's trends are popular in present day fashion and I could not be happier. A lot of people are wearing clothes that women in the 70's were wearing without even knowing it. 

As people are afraid to step out of their comfort zones with fashion, I am here to help you rock the present day 70's trends!

Look Number 1


This is such a fun and trendy look. She is wearing high waisted corduroy pants with a tied crop top. If this isn't 70's, I don't know what is! She is also wearing a hair scarf and colored lens sunglasses. Every single piece in this look can be found at any Fast Fashion or moderately priced fashion retailer since they are all trendy pieces!.

Look Number 2



The top and bottom pieces are both pieces that could have been found wearing in the 70's. Yet, they are so modernized and updated to keep fashion guru's excited. These bell bottom cloth pants are SO popular. You can honestly find them anywhere in any color. You can rock these pants with a pair of Birkenstocks or a pair of platform sandals. The top is also an easy find, it has the ruffles that were found in the 70's but can be found in any major retail store! Throw a cute pair of round sunglasses and you are good to go!

Look Number 3


Denim on denim, say what! Not only was denim on denim popular but so was patchwork. Both of those trends are popular today. I wear denim jackets with denim skirts all the time and it is such a fun look. Also, patchwork is hard to come by in retail stores because it is expensive to make. It is more in the moderate budget fashion retailers such as Madwell. I love both the patchwork look and the denim on denim look because it is not something people would typically wear, but anyone can make it look cute with some fun shoes and accessories!

These looks are so attainable and easy to find. Next time you are shopping find a cute 70's inspired outfit and show it off!