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Nicole Couch

Wearing rompers is a trend that has come and gone from era to era, but it is a trend that has not and does not seem as if it will fade.  The reason why the romper has been a continuous trend over the years is because it has never seemed to go quite out of style.  A romper is a one-piece outer garment for adults, that are typically worn as overalls and/or jumpsuits.  The romper incorporates trousers and a top all-in-one.  


Rompers date all the way back to the early 1900’s, where they began as children’s clothing.  The purpose of this piece was so children could play in them.  These items were known as the “go-to play clothes” of the twentieth century.  

Rompers continued to be popular in the 1920’s.  Young, stylish women started wearing this outfit regularly.  The romper was known to be a chic alternative to a blouse and skirts, and could be dressed up or down depending on the fabric that was used.

That was not the end of the romper era, though.  In the 1970’s rompers picked up action in full-speed.  Becoming more casual, rompers typically were made of terrycloth and were often styled as a tube top.  This style could easily be dressed up or down.  When rompers hit the 1970’s, that was a defining moment in fashion history. The 1970’s were full of flamboyant and bold fashion statements.  It was a super fun fashion era that encouraged patterns and bright colors. The romper was most remembered from the 1970’s fashion era due to the “hippie vibe” that it gives off when people wear them.

There have been plenty of looks that have been revived time and time again, and a huge culprit of this would be rompers.  Rompers are extremely pertinent in modern-day fashion.  There are multiple reasons why this type of outfit is still in style today.

First, it is extremely versatile.  There are many different style combinations that you could approach while wearing a romper. With most rompers, people are able to wear them with both flat sandals and high heels.  Rompers are such a prime staple in wardrobes.  With the right accessories, jackets, shoes, layering, etc., rompers can be worn on multiple occasions.  Buyers will definitely get a bang for their buck!

Second, this outfit it very trendy and is a great example of vogue.  When something is “vogue”, that means that it is popular or fashionable. Rompers have become such a fashion trend that even men are wearing them!

Third, rompers exceed the expectations of comfort.  Not only is the fabric comfortable, but people, overall, feel a lot more comfortable while wearing this outfit.  Not only do you feel free while wearing it, but you also feel covered.  Unlike dresses, you are able to sit in Indian style, or even bend over to pick something up, while wearing one.

Lastly, it is a fun and unique outfit.  With the versatility, and the many different patterns and shapes that they come in, not one romper is alike another.  You could be defined as a city slicker, a business woman, and even a hippie while wearing this type of outfit.  Versatility is a hard achievement for everyday outfits.

Let’s make sure that rompers are not collecting dust in our closets.  Let’s make sure that rompers are not only seen on fashion Instagram posts. Let’s make rompers apart of our everyday street wear, incorporating different fashion techniques to dress the outfit up or down.