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How Long Will Your Clothes Last?

CHC Blog

How Long Will Your Clothes Last?

Nicole Couch

Happy Sunday! While your enjoying your memorial day shopping deals, do not neglect the quality of your clothing. Follow these tips to look out for quality clothing that will last you years instead of weeks!

  • Patterns Match Seams:

    • Check around the pockets or anywhere to make sure it matches horizontally and vertically. It may cost more, but proves to have better quality in the material. 
      • Plus, to make sure to check the seams to see if the fabrics too. This defines high quality clothing because stitching should be straight and matching. 
  • Care Instructions:

    • Natural Fibers are more authentic, stand up to wear and tear better then synthetic materials.

      • Cotton
      • Silk
      • Wool
  • Tests:

    • Light: Hold the clothing to the light. The denser or harder it is for light to travel through, the better the quality. 

    • Pull: For skirts or dresses, does it retain shape by gently tugging on it? 

    • Scrunch: Grab the fabric or clothing in your hands making a fist. Hold it for a few seconds, then let it go. If it can't stand being wrinkled in your hand, it won't withstand the test of time.