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Nicole Couch

Last week, the CHC Internship Team did a photo/video shoot to start up their summer lookbook.  These outfits included how to style bathing suits and dresses a particular way to fit any occasion.  


the internship team was not alone.  

A furry friend tagged along during the majority of the photo/video shoot, protecting the girls and being extremely loyal to them.

No collar.  Not microchip.  This dog was a stray.  

The internship team could not leave the dog knowing the danger he could be in.  

They exhausted every single option possible and luckily, after the very last resource available was able to take in the dog, a happy ending occurred.  A woman accepted the dog into her home where she decided she would keep him until the owner was found.

Unfortunately, stray dogs usually do not have happy endings.  So, today I will be sharing safe places to take a stray dog.


1. Animal Friends

2. Association for Needy and Neglected Animals

3. Action For Animals Humane Society

4. All 4 Paws Rescue Inc.

5. Animal Appeal

Help support your local stray animals & offer a helping hand every change that you can because you really could save a poor, innocent life.