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Nicole Couch

As humans beings, we were given the capability of learning and stretching our minds.  As students, and even everyday learners, we come across obstacles that can take us away from our focus of learning.  

Whether you want an A+ on your next test, or you want to just be able to say the phrase "I learn something new everyday", here are a few study tips that will help you be successful in/out of the classroom:

1. Plug your study session into a schedule

Whether that means the first thing you do in the morning is studying, or after you eat lunch you study, make sure you fit a convenient spot into your schedule that you believe would best benefit you.

2. Avoid distractions

In this day-in-age, we come across distractions constantly due to technology.  When you get into study mode put your phone, computer, iPad, etc. away, so then you can distance yourself from the things that would keep you distracted.  If technology does not distract you as much as in-person conversation, make sure you go to a quite place that is safe from distractions.

3. Get a study buddy/study group

Sometimes it is super helpful to have someone right next to you studying the same things.  Then there is a sense of reassurance that can be happening, and you can teach each other things that the other may not know.  

4. Create a game for each studying session

Memorization games tend to help a lot.  If that means buying a stack of notecards and writing information on them, then so be it.  I am sure your study buddy would love to create a game out of that with you!

5. Find a studying method that best suits you

Every person is different, so the information that we all take in is done in a way that best suits us individually. Whether that be studying through hands-on methods, visual aids, verbal encoding, the buddy system, or otherwise, make sure you figure out the methods that best suits you