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Why You Keep Breaking Out

CHC Blog

Why You Keep Breaking Out

Nicole Couch

Always wondering why you keep breaking out on that one spot on your forehead or near your lip? These tips will help you to prevent and understand these breakouts!

  • Cheeks:
    • If your always on your phone or touching your face, your face may be breaking out quite frequently. Wiping down your phone every couple of days or washing your face every night can reduce breakouts.
    • Heart or Blood Pressure could be an underlying issue. In your diet are you eating more sugary foods? Cutting back the sugar can help as well. Allergies or polluted air could be effecting your heart and your skin. Even adding some plants to your home could make a difference. 
  • Chin:
    • Unfortunately, breakouts here cannot disappear forever, but they can be minimized. If it is that time of the month of close, chances are that is why your face is breaking out. Your hormones are spiraling out of control. Try to eat better foods and take care of your skin more during this time to help yourself regulate. 
  • Forehead:
    • If the pimples show up here, this is connected to your digestive system. Your body is not breaking down the foods properly. So, by eating foods that contain more enzymes, could help your body digest properly. 
    • This can show a liver problem due to stress and irregular sleep. This can be prevented by getting about eight hours of sleep and balancing out your week. 
  • Between the Brows/Lips:
    • Had greasy food last night or the past couple of days? Then that might be the reason for the breakouts. Sometimes drinking lots of alcohol could make you breakout in these areas too. This can be a easy fix by choosing healthier foods and cutting back on the bad ones.