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The Flappers

Nicole Couch

A generation of young Western women who wore their hair in bobs, wore short skirts, and listened to jazz.

Who are these women?  Yes -- they are known as the flappers.


The Flappers were relevant in the 1920's, and their fashion still does carry on today, but it is now known as vintage clothing.

1920's fashion, also known as the "Great Gatsby" time period, is a fashion era people will never forget.  Many weddings are themed "Great Gatsby" today, and people seem to love events that are style after the black tie affair.  

The 1920's fashion era was a prominent era in history due to the fact that this is when fashion entered the modern era. 

So, what exactly were trends, in fashion and otherwise, that took place in the 1920's? 

Although it did seem that their fashion sense changed based off of who they were with, where they were going, and what time of day it was, these are some general fashion tips from the 1920's.

  1. Cloche hats
  2. Women had bobbed hair
  3. Small beaded purses - to hold cigarettes & makeup
  4. Long pearl necklaces
  5. Beaded or feather headbands
  6. Below knee length, dropped waist dresses
  7. Loose, straight fit dresses 
  8. Fur coats/fringe wraps

Most clothing, that they wore, involved a mix of bright colors and geometric designs.

People in the 1920's loved going to illegal speakeasies, and because this was a time period where people started having more money, they would spend there leisure time going to sporting events.

The pop culture in the 1920's involved nightclubs, jazz, automobiles, and sports. 

The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio is a terrific movie that represents the 1920's spot on.