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Nicole Couch

Denim has never gone out of style, and that is based off of the fact that it is a timeless piece.  Yes, of course there are jeans that are distressed and may not stay in style forever.  But denim, overall, will never fade away.


Over the years, the distressed look and the fit of denim has changed drastically to please the era.

Depending on what era you are dressing for, the fit of the jeans will be different.  

In the 1950's, dark wash and stiff fabric marked the beginning of fashionable denim.  This look was geared toward straight legged, high waisted jeans.

The 1960's and the 1970's blended together, where they started creating more feminine cuts and the flare jeans came into style.


In the 1970's, bell-bottom pants and silhouettes emphasizing the waist were heavily in style, until polyester clothing quickly went out of style.


There are only two words for the 1980's.  Acid wash.  This style was worn in many different ways, such as high-rise, low-rise, boyfriend cut, cut-off shorts, etc.  


The 1990's brought mom jeans and baggy jackets into the picture.  This era established the look of pre-millenial decade.


When fashion reached the 2000's, a mixture of eras became vogue.  Currently, what is being sold in fast fashion ranges from the 70's to the 90's.  People are mixing and matching trends, and bringing back trends that have been relevant in the past.

Go back in time and figure out what era best fits you, literally and figuratively. 
Happy shopping :-)!