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Sleepy Animal GIFs Explain Weekdays

Nicole Couch

Cute sleepy animal GIFs explain what workdays feel like.


Waking up...



Waiting for the coffee to kick in like...



Finally, lunch time!...




Then the after-lunch food coma...



When your boss asks who can stay late...



Sliding out of there like...



Changing out of your clothes when you get home...



Catching up on your favorite show...




That much needed "ME" time...



Squeeze in some yoga...






Only to start all over again tomorrow!



Happy Monday!

Which 'Friends' Character Are You?

Nicole Couch

Take this quiz to find out which 'Friends' character you are! Keep track of which letters you pick for each question (a,b,c,d,e,f). Then leave your result in the comments and share with your friends!




1.) You have a date night at your place. Whats on the menu?





2.) What are your weekend plans?





3.) Which describes you best out of your friend group?


a. the ladies man

b. the "mom"

c. the blonde

d. miss popular

e. the funny one

f. the nerd




4.) How do you like your coffee?





5.) What does your room look like?





6.) What are your future goals?


a. become famous

b.  open a restaurant

c. solve world hunger

d. work for your favorite designer

e. become CEO

f. win a Nobel Peace Prize




7.) What's your style?





8.) Which would you choose as a pet?





9.) Which describes you out of your family members


a. one of many

b. the forgotten one

c. didn't have much of a family

d. daddy's girl

e.  only child

f. the overachiever




10.) If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?





Mostly a's:

You Got Joey Tribbiani!

So you're a little ditz-y. At least you have good looks to fall back on! You're very romantic and you know how to lay on the charm. But don't let this go to your head! Other than sweeping people off their feet, some of your hobbies include eating, sleeping and bragging about your popularity. However, you're always there for your friends and they think of you as a lovable person.



Mostly b's:


You Got Monica Geller!

You tend to be a bit of a control-freak. You're hobbies include making sure the house is spotless, cooking gorgeous meals and being the caretaker of your group. Even though everything in your life needs to be organized and clean, the people around you think of you as a very caring and loyal person.




Mostly c's:


You Got Phoebe Buffay!

So you're a little weird and "out there". Maybe you didn't have a great childhood or past, but that doesn't stop you from making the most of yourself now. You might have blonde moments here and there but you definitely know your street-smarts. You care about a lot of social issues and your friends love that about you. You're dependable and kindhearted.



Mostly d's:

You Got Rachel Green!

You're fashion sense is like no other. You have style, you have class and you have an amazing wardrobe. You're chased down by all the guys but your love life still remains rather lonely. Sometimes you can be a little selfish and stubborn, but at the end of the day you are always there for your true friends.



Mostly e's:


You Got Chandler Bing!

You're known for being extremely sarcastic. Sometimes you can be socially awkward around new people but you tend to use humor to escape these uncomfortable situations. And even though you might not love your job, you still make an effort to climb up the corporate ladder. Deep down, you're a simple person with a good heart!




Mostly f's:

You Got Ross Geller!

So you're a bit nerdy. Sometimes you go on passionate tangents until you notice that your friends have no idea what you're talking about. But you're not just passionate about history or facts, you're also very loyal to the people you love. Maybe you're a little emotional, but you just want what's best for the people you care about. You're friends think of you as sweet and trustworthy.


10 Products You Didn't Know Existed

Nicole Couch

Here are some actual products for sale that seem just a little bit too "extra"...


1.) The Cat Scratching DJ Deck

For cats destined to scratch out those sick beats.



2.) Chicken-shaped Novelty Soap

With fragrance options of coconut creme or cotton candy, if you weren't already enticed.



3.) The PetPeek Fence Window

So your dog can alert you when the neighbors are having a BBQ without you.



4.) Pizza Scissors

These actually seem kind of practical. What's your say, pizza-lovers?



5.) Duck Bill Muzzle for Dogs

It's cute, but why...?



6.) The Baby Mop Onesie

I mean...the baby will be crawling around anyways, right?



7.) The Roller Buggy

The perfect baby stroller/scooter hybrid for busy moms on the go!



8.) A Sleeping Bag with Arms & Legs

Perfect for...sleep walkers?



9.) Din-Ink Pen Utensil Set

Forgot eating utensils again? No problem, just find some pens! 



10.) The All American Headband Wig for Dogs

The only "mullet for your mutt". Just in time for July 4th!