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Transition into Fall with Ease and CHC Vintage Clothing

Nicole Couch

Women all across America relish in the fall weather. The temperature outside starts to drop, while pumpkin spice food and drink items start to grace grocery store shelves. However, the best part of fall is definitely the fashion.

Before it becomes completely fall with those cute boots and comfy sweaters with jackets, there is a transition period. The weather starts off in the morning as a cool 50°F, rises to 80°F during the middle of the day, and the drops again for cool nights. So the question is: What do I wear?


No one wants to be shivering one minute and sweating the next. So you have to be prepared. Step one is to put away the shorts. Instead, break out the jeans, skirts, and cute dresses that are colored and appropriate for fall. You will look cute while being comfortable and not too hot or too cold. CHC Vintage has plenty of fall sweater dresses, skirts, and more to give you that unique look while keeping you the right temperature.

Break out the jackets! Bomber jackets, army jackets, leather jackets, and more are the perfect piece for the September and October months. When you wear a cute T-shirt and start getting cold, throw on that jacket to keep you warm. When you get too hot, take it off. Everyone needs the perfect jacket in their closet. Check out all of the cute outerwear pieces at CHC Vintage to find outerwear to keep with you during the day.

Do not be afraid to try new things! And those new things can be old. CHC Vintage sells vintage clothing to you that is unique and matches your style, or puts you out of your comfort zone. The best way to transition into a new season is to try something new. Visit CHC Vintage online or on our Etsy store to find amazing vintage clothing for a new look this season.