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Art Deco Evolution

Nicole Couch

“Art Deco” is the name of a style era that bloomed after World War I. Everything from fashion to interior furnishings and household appliances to cars were influenced by this glitzy, high-tech style. The aesthetical intent of this era was for people to believe in a technologically-advanced future of glamour and luxury. The Art Deco look is heavy with geometric patterns, dark colors like satin black and emerald green, and lots of gold. Velvet is very prominent, as are shapes and tones of jewels, which give the appearance of wealth and tangible success.

Today, Art Deco is still a very popular style in both fashion and interior decorating. The last few years in particular boasted trends of gold, velvet, and glittery details that seemed to be as fresh and prominent as they were in the early 1900s. At this point, the ultra-flashy parts of Art Deco have arguably fallen to the wayside a bit, and a softer and more relaxed "retro" has filled in the gaps. Softer color palettes with more subdued and velvety hues have replaced harsh shapes and flashy textures. The glitzier parts that were in our faces for so long have had their time and are now retiring into a more mature and elegantly-sophisticated look. Currently, my favorite trends and ways of decorating include simple, classic, modern, and somewhat minimalist bases with Art Deco-inspired details and flares throughout. The "Millennial Pink" fad has lent itself perfectly to this trend.

Now, Art Deco feels fresh and sweet, yet it remains a very unique and retro style. New trends have come into play, but for as long as "Art Deco" lives, its characteristics will be unmistakable. In fashion, interior decorating, and every other aspect, this is one trend that I truly hope never dies.