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5 Exercises To Do During a Commercial Break

Nicole Couch

Commercial Breaks, on average, last about 2-3 minutes. This is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a little workout! Here's some ideas on how to do it:



1.) Push Ups

I like to start off with push ups because it warms up my arms and abs. Do this move with your knees touching the ground or not, whichever you prefer. Just remember to stay aligned and keep the proper form. Try to complete about 15-30 reps slowly.



2.) Mountain Climbers

Since you're already in the push up position, transition into mountain climbers. If done correctly, this move can really increase your heart rate and burn calories. Do this move for about 1 minute.



3.) Crunches

Transition to your back for crunches. Proper form is very important for crunches so that you don't strain your neck! Make sure not to pull on your head but rather rely on your abs to do all the work. Try to complete 25-50 reps.



4.) Starfish Crunch

Next is the starfish crunch. To do this start out by lying on your back in the shape of an "X". As if crunching regularly, use your abs to reach one arm to your opposite toe. Repeat with opposite arm & toe. Do a total of 15-30 reps counting each reach as an individual rep.



5.) Leg Raises

Still lying on your back, transition into leg raises. Remember to lie flat and keep your head on the ground. You can keep your hands by your side or under your lower back. Don't let your legs touch the ground and try to complete 10 reps.



Depending on how many reps of each you did you may have more commercial break time. Start from the beginning until your show starts up again.

Good Luck & Happy Exercising!