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Tips for Styling Vintage Clothing into Modern Looks

Nicole Couch

Have you ever passed up on cool vintage pieces because you didn't know how to incorporate them into your modern wardrobe? Well this article is here to help! Here are 5 tips for styling vintage clothes into everyday looks.



1.) Mix & Match

You don't have to wear vintage head-to-toe! Mix in one or two vintage pieces (ex. a vintage dress & necklace, a vintage blouse and ring) but modernize it by using trendy pieces for the rest. Think: cardigans, leggings, sweaters, and jeans (basic pieces that can be layered over or under).



2.) Modern Accessories

You can make any vintage piece feel modern again by adding trendy accessories. Try a fashionable handbag, a cool belt, your favorite heels or a stylish fedora.



3.) Contemporary Hair

You can rock vintage while also wearing your everyday hair style. Just because you're wearing clothing from a certain era doesn't mean you have to look like that era. Bring the look into the 21st century by adding your own personalized touches and keeping your hair simple.



4.) Mix & Match Eras

Mixing clothing from different time periods has a way of looking very cool and trendy. Wearing vintage from only one era can oftentimes look costume-y or like you're trying to live in that era. If you incorporate looks from different time periods you're more likely to blend in and look fashion-forward.



5.) Be Comfortable

This is probably the most important tip. If you don't feel comfortable in an outfit you'll probably look uncomfortable to others. Make sure to style the vintage pieces in a way that makes you feel happy and natural.



We hope these styling tips help and encourage you to add more vintage into your everyday look!

Relatable Fashion Gifs

Nicole Couch

Here is a collection of GIFS that basically sum up the life of a fashion lover



1.) You never have anything to wear, even though your closet begs to differ



2.) When people ask you if you want to go workout



3.) When you see full-on pajamas in public



4.) Your favorite store happens to have a huge sale the day you go in



5.) When you really didn't need to buy anything but justify it anyway



6.) When co-workers tell you you look nice



7.) When you qualify for free shipping



8.) When you're waiting to be asked if you're a member of the store's loyalty program



9.) In the fitting room when the outfit works

giphy (9).gif



10.) Getting asked why you care so much about fashion