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Fall Trends 2017

Nicole Couch

With the start of fall on Friday, a new season of trends as started. While you might be thinking ‘I know the trends. Wear burgundy, boots, and have a pumpkin spice latte in my hand,’ you would be wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, but this season brings about a whole new set of trends that are so cute, you’ll throw the burgundy sweater to the side (but don’t throw it too far. You’ll want it back).


One trend seen all over runways and in stores is fringe. And fringe can come on a lot of vintage clothing, like from CHC Vintage. It’s a fun way to look dressed up while wearing a comfortable jacket or shirt. Having the fringe hang from the sleeves of your shirt or even on an understated bag and liven up any look this fall.


Another big trend is fur. Right now, the humid weather wouldn’t allow everyone to go out and wear a cumbersome fur coat. However, as we digress into colder months, fur will be everywhere. Have it plain or liven it up with some color. Just be sure to double check that it’s fake!


Thank goodness for this next one - lounge wear! Grab those leggings, a comfortable t-shirt and throw your hair in a messy bun. Keep it classy or make it grunge (there are really cute vintage tees from CHC Vintage to help with this look). Have a more leisurewear look with some workout pants and a pair of sneakers. Comfortable will be your favorite look this fall season.


Last but not least, keep a lookout for anything shiny. Metallics, glitters, and anything that sparkles is a must have this fall. Rock a full metallic outfit or keep it simple with some sequins on your favorite shirt, pants, or dress. Tis the season to be shiny!


The upcoming season is full of fringe, glitter, and comfiness. Make sure you shop at CHC Vintage to get an even more unique look this fall!