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Why You Should Buy More Vintage

Nicole Couch

Here are a few reasons why we think you should buy more vintage.



When you buy vintage, you're buying clothes that are unique or rare. This means that you're chances of matching anyone else is highly unlikely.



Most of the clothing in today's fast fashion chain stores are made of cheap materials to save on costs. Contrarily, most vintage items were created with more attention to detail & prove their higher quality by withstanding the test of time.



Because big fashion retailers decide to skip costs and use cheaper materials, their mass produced clothing items are more likely to be damaged, broken or go out of style quicker than their vintage counterparts. So why not spend a little extra to get something that lasts?



Many times newer trends are just old trends reinvented. By buying vintage you're basically buying the 'real thing'...the clothes that were cool BEFORE it was cool. Tell that to your trendy friends...



Wearing vintage ensures that you'll have your own unique look. Since it's not something displayed in store windows anymore, you really have stylistic freedom and can get creative with it however you want.



Buying Vintage = Recycling = Saving the Planet. 

It is estimated that the world is consuming 400% more clothing than we did just 20 years ago (Livia Firth, The True Cost). So step up and do your part! Keep trendy vintage in rotation.




You're unique, beautiful and rare. There is no one quite like you. So don't buy clothes that disguise that! Invest in clothes that understand what it's like to be one-of-a-kind.