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Use A Vintage Dress for Your Homecoming and Formal Occasions

Nicole Couch

With homecomings coming up or those banquet dinners for work, it is important to dress to impress. It is crucial not to go to over the top, while still having your “Cinderella moment.”


Make sure your dress is long enough! To each her own, but you don’t want to have to worry about pulling your dress down all night. The same goes if the dress is too long. Who wants to be tripping when they’re dancing and having a great time?


While the hemline of your dress can be an issue, the same rule for the neckline! Too plunging can be too much and can be uncomfortable. If you like a deep neckline, rock it! However, make sure you are comfortable so you don’t have to pull the neckline up all night long. *A nice hack is to grab some double sided tape to make sure there is no slippage*  


Accessories are important! Dressing up is fun, so have some extra fun by pairing some cute accessories and fashionable shoes with it. Dances like homecoming and special events are all about you getting to dress up and have a good time, so take advantage by going the full nine yards!

Last but not least, be unique! Vintage dresses are a great way to show up to a party in style. You’ll never have the same dress as someone else, and they are customizable to you. They are also timeless and you will be the belle of the ball.


CHC Vintage has the perfect dresses for you this season during college homecoming and other events that need that special dress for special occasions. Look like a princess while having the time of your life. You can be comfortable and classy while looking amazing with a dress. Our Etsy store, as well as our online store, is stocked with gorgeous dresses for your next social gathering.

5 Easy Street Style Trends

Nicole Couch

Do you ever go on sites like Instagram or Pinterest to get style inspiration? Did you know that recreating those looks can be simple and easy?

No joke.

CHC Vintage offers a variety of unique pieces on Etsy that can be styled to fit any of today's hottest trends! Don't miss out. Once the items are gone, they're gone!



Day to Night Lingere

Comparable Looks by CHC Vintage:



Office Chic

Comparable Looks by CHC Vintage:



Bohemian / Festival Style

Comparable Looks by CHC Vintage:



90's Throwback

Comparable Looks by CHC Vintage:



Shimmery Showstopper

Comparable Looks by CHC Vintage:



Whatever style you're going for, make sure to stop by CHC Vintage on Etsy for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces like these!


Click on the logo below to be redirected to CHC Vintage on Etsy!

10 Products You Didn't Know Existed

Nicole Couch

Here are some actual products for sale that seem just a little bit too "extra"...


1.) The Cat Scratching DJ Deck

For cats destined to scratch out those sick beats.



2.) Chicken-shaped Novelty Soap

With fragrance options of coconut creme or cotton candy, if you weren't already enticed.



3.) The PetPeek Fence Window

So your dog can alert you when the neighbors are having a BBQ without you.



4.) Pizza Scissors

These actually seem kind of practical. What's your say, pizza-lovers?



5.) Duck Bill Muzzle for Dogs

It's cute, but why...?



6.) The Baby Mop Onesie

I mean...the baby will be crawling around anyways, right?



7.) The Roller Buggy

The perfect baby stroller/scooter hybrid for busy moms on the go!



8.) A Sleeping Bag with Arms & Legs

Perfect for...sleep walkers?



9.) Din-Ink Pen Utensil Set

Forgot eating utensils again? No problem, just find some pens! 



10.) The All American Headband Wig for Dogs

The only "mullet for your mutt". Just in time for July 4th!